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PVC waterstop

PVC waterstop

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PVC Waterstop - The Best Solution to Concrete Construction

PVC waterstop, being embed in the concrete joints, acts as a continuous watertight diaphragm to prevent any seepage of liquids in constructions joints which are subject to hydrostatic pressure. It is designed for expansion or contraction joint; meanwhile, it can accommodate lateral and transverse movements which make it capable to suit the moving joints.

PVC waterstop is extruded form an elastomeric plastic material including high grade polyvinyl chloride, special resin and some chemical additives such as plasticizers and stabilizers. The high material makes PVC waterstops unsurpassed with a variety of features and benefits.

Shapesof PVC Waterstop

1. Plain web

Suitable for construction, kicke and partical contraction joints, where no shear movement is possible.

2. Centre Bulb

Suitblefor ubsidence, contraction expension joints, including high movement joints

3.Other Types

Typical Application of PVC Waterstop

1.Agriculture:Dams, Canals, Aquaducts, Large Reservoirs, Irrigation Projects.

2。Public Utilities:Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Tunnels, ConcreteRoads, Water Filtration Plants, Sewarage Disposal System, Neutralization Tanks, Bridges,Roads,

Embankments,Municipal Hydraulic Projects, Clarifiers.

3.Buildings:Basements & Foundations Floor Slabs,Terraces, Concrete Runways, Retaining Walls, Overhead & Underground,Water Tanks, Multistoried Buildings.

4.Industries:Fertilizer, Steel, Effluent Treatment Plants,Thermal Power Stations, Atomic Reactors, Shipyards & Docks, Cooling Towers.

Featuresof PVC Waterstop

●High tensile strength.

●Superior elongation capability.

●Excellent inherent elasticity and impermeability

●High resistance to acids, ozone, seawater even diesel oil.

●Extremely alkalis, chlorinated water and other waterborne chemicals resistant。

●Not susceptible to fatigue deterioration as with metal or rubber.

●High quality meet even exceed the industrials standard.

●Never discolor concrete.

pk10开奖结果●No electrolytic action with surrounding metals。

●Capable to withstand hydrostatic pressure.

●Heat weldable in conjunction with electric splicing irons.

●Withstand the expansion and contraction movement of the joints.

pk10开奖结果●Capable to taking care of any deflection or displacement arising caused by temperature changing or differential settlement of foundation.

●Supplied in coils for easy handling with high flexibility。

●Easy to install by tethering the outer flanges of the PVC waterstop to adjacent a reinforcing bars.

Process of PVC Waterstop

Drawing--new tooling--samples confirm--mass production--shipping

Properties of PVC Waterstop

Physical properties

Test methods

Minimum value

Water absorption

ASTM D-570

15% - 20%

Tear resistance

ASTM D-624

300 psi

Specific gravity

ASTM D-792

pk10开奖结果1.38 ± 0.05

Hardness shore A15

ASTM D-2240

79 ± 3

Tensile strength

pk10开奖结果ASTM D-638 Type IV

pk10开奖结果2000 psi

pk10开奖结果Ultimate elongation

pk10开奖结果ASTM D-638 Type IV


100% modulus

ASTM D-638 Type IV

725 psi

Low temperature brittleness (Tb) °F (°C)

ASTM D-746

-35 (-37) passed

Stiffness in Flexure

ASTM D-747

600 psi

Ozone Resistance

ASTM D-1149

No Failure

Accelerated Extraction, CRD-572


CDR - C- 572

1850 psi


pk10开奖结果CDR - C- 572


Effect of Alkali, CRD-572

Weight Change


+ 0.25% - 0.1%

Change in Hardness Shore A

ASTM D-2240

± 5 points


contact us

TEL: +8613132415777
FAX: 86-318-8538660
Email: eric@bojinsc.com
URL: http://www.bojinsc.com
ADD: Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China

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