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The hydrophilic water swelling seal

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Tips: Water expansion rubber stripWater swellable rubber is a kind of special material with water expansio...

Water expansion rubber strip

Water swellable rubber is a kind of special material with water expansion function to hydrophilic polyurethane material and rubber mixing process. When soaked in water, because there are a large number of hydrophilic group in polyurethane (CH2 CH2-O), the water and the number of the many groups can be combined with hydrogen the polymer, intermolecular forces weakened, resulting in rubber volume increases, due to hydrogen bonding interactions, so that the water molecules are closely held, even in the mechanical compression to attract, the water can not be extruded out, but the water swelling effect is reversible.

Water swellable rubber sealing strip is briefly introduced:

Water swellable rubber seal is used a kind of rubber product characteristics, and water sealing to self expansion function。 Widely used in air defense, subway, tunnel, sewage treatment project, swimming pool and other concrete construction joints, expansion joints, cracks。


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