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Rubber waterstop specifications

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Tips: The rubber sealing strip product specifications: According to user requirements of production of var...

The rubber sealing strip product specifications:

 According to user requirements of production of various shapes, sizes of products, in addition to meet the different needs of different parts of the project, a cross shaped, T-shaped, inclination angle and internal and external products, suitable for all kinds of design requirements.

rubber zhishuidai products in storage, transportation, should avoid direct sunlight, not with heat, contact with oil and harmful solvent; the best storage places keep -10 C +30 C.

First, good quality in embedded rubber water stop belt should have strong self adhesive, which is suitable for high temperature seasons temperature does not flow, low temperature brittle characteristics, and has excellent water resistance, acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance; rubber layer section using non thick structure, strong points, waterproof area and the installation area, each part of the stress is uniform and reasonable, not damaged。 Long service life, the product itself is non-toxic, the characteristics of a good environment。

You want the first time to understand the latest embedded rubber waterstop price please contact us, please inform us of your required specifications, or drawings by fax to our company, our company will be the first time to report to you the most reasonable price in the embedded rubber water stop belt. And according to your needs custom processing various types of embedded rubber water stop belt, back stick type waterstop, plastic waterstop. Can also customize the price of all kinds of rubber watertight strip, chloroprene rubber strip, three EPDM rubber sealing strip!


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