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BW expansion of the construction of waterstop

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Tips: BW type expansion seal construction technology in water(1) the reserved paste type, BW type reserved...

BW type expansion seal construction technology in water

(1) the reserved paste type, BW type reserved on the expansive water placed in water tank to concrete in the first (in the template nail sticks aside)。

(2)  removal of the first cast concrete template, clear the surface, so that the seam surface water, clean, free of debris。

(3) The BW type water expandable sealing strip is inserted into the reserved slot. If not reserve tank, the vertical joints can be added with adhesive paste or cement nail length, with wooden fixed BW type grouting; the horizontal joints can be directly pasted on the concrete surface.

(4) After the BW type expansive water paste with water as soon as possible to the pouring of concrete.

(5) During the installation process should prevent paste, BW type of expansive water contaminated by water and the role of water, so as not to affect the use effect.

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