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The type of rubber sealing strip

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Tips: The type of sealing strip1The type of sealing stripType of grouting is a new product developed recen...

The type of sealing strip

1The type of sealing strip

Type of grouting is a new product developed recently, it has special properties of water swellable. Sealing waterproof with elastic joint sealing material, when the seam side distance increased to an elastic waterproof material elastic recovery rate outside, because the material has the characteristics of water swellable materials in the range expansion. Still can play within the sealing effect.

2 products of water

Product type expansion rubber seal it with water after the water swelling rate is high, the pressure loss is not in contact with the air, not weathering, acid stability, ageing resistance and so on。 The products are mainly used in shield construction method is joint water-proof, building distortion seam, construction seam sealing belt。

3 self adhesive tape

Self adhesive tape is made of butyl rubber filler extrusion plasticizer and other special additives, a new type of rubber waterproof material processed through a special process. It not only filled concrete porosity cracks, and under certain pressure, have good bonding with concrete, and the concrete as a whole, the waterproof effect.

This product has good air tightness, good bonding strength, self adhesive deformation and strong adhesive bonding, can not directly with fresh concrete under certain conditions, to overcome the past due to leakage of sealing material around the bonding interface between concrete and solid caused, has good water resistance, acid and alkali resistance the aging performance, can be widely used in water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, civil engineering and all kinds of


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