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Obvious advantages of rubber dam

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Tips: Advantages of rubber damThe rubber dam is mainly suitable for low head, large span gate dam project,...
Advantages of rubber dam

The rubber dam is mainly suitable for low head, large span gate dam project, such as for reservoir spillway as the gate or overflow weir, to increase the storage capacity of the reservoir and the power head; for the river as low head, large span of the overflow dam or weir, hoist without conventional gate, bridge for work; the canal as the intake sluice gate, control gate, and can conveniently adjust the water level and water flow along the coast; for as the breakwater or tidal gate, are not affected by the water erosion and marine life, than the metal gate with good effect; in the large span of the lock hole on the downstream gate for the construction of cofferdam cofferdam or activities;Rubber, activity of cofferdam height can go up or down, and from the weir overflow weir, do not need to borrow to build can keep the river clean, save labor and shorten the construction period; for urban landscape engineering, the dam is elegant, color, smooth lines, can add a beautiful landscape for the city construction


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