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Combined bridge expansion joint component

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Tips: Modular bridge expansion joints: By a combination of rubber plate and steel plate and bridge enginee...

Modular bridge expansion joints:

 By a combination of rubber plate and steel plate and bridge engineering, suitable for ordinary highway expansion is less than 12Omm.

The modular joints made of profiled steel by integral molding, the side beam, beam, beam, displacement control system, sealing rubber belt and other components。 Its characteristic is the overall good flexural compressive strength is high, when the vehicle passes through the smooth jump, low noise。 Applicable to all kinds of bend, slope, slope and the width of the bridge。 The design of modular expansion joint displacement according to the modulus of any group according to certain actual needs。 Many joints from the spell of the single slit 8Omm to 12OOmm, is divided into 15 levels, the expansion amount is greater than 12OOmm, according to the design requirements of processing and manufacturing, to meet the needs of users。 The expansion joints for highway bridge engineering。


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