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The comb shaped bridge expansion joint characteris

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Tips: The comb shaped expansion joint characteristics:Has excellent waterproof, dust performance.Comb plat...

The comb shaped expansion joint characteristics:

Has excellent waterproof, dust performance。

Comb plate type expansion joint device is provided with two layers of chloroprene rubber waterproof layer, and the comb type steel telescopic gap pouring waterproof ointment to waterproof and dustproof effect, excellent corrosion, effectively protect the structure under the bridge and delay bearing, prolong the service life of the bridge.

 the overall performance of the device and the pavement is good

Device adopts rigid combination of measures such as joint plate comb type stretching from the structure, thoroughly eliminate the produce jumping conditions when driving the expansion device on both sides using high-grade concrete rigid ribbon protection, good integral rigidity。 Therefore, the vehicle is stable, no shock, to reduce the impact of the bridge, reduce noise。 To extend the service life of the bridge and vehicle。


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