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Embedded PVC sealing function and principle

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Tips: Buried in the plastic waterstop effect and principle: the plastic waterstop (PVC water) is made of p...

Buried in the plastic waterstop effect and principle: 

the plastic waterstop (PVC water) is made of polyvinyl chloride resins and various additives, mixing, granulation, PVC plastic sealing material extrusion processes is made. The product with elastic material elastic deformation to leak characteristics in building structure joint in the impervious effect, buried in the plastic waterstop and has good corrosion resistance, durability characteristics. The plastic waterstop is mainly used for concrete pouring in the setting of construction joints and deformation joints in concrete form as one of the basic engineering such as tunnel, culvert, aqueduct, dam, reservoir structures, underground facilities, etc..

The rubber sealing belt have the characteristics of high elastic deformation under stress by using rubber material made of products。 The sealing structure is widely used in water conservancy and hydropower dam culvert, tunnel, subway, air defense, joint water stop deformation in the basement of the high-rise building and parking lot in the construction of the rubber sealing strip is in。 Pouring concrete is pre buried in the deformation joints in concrete and integrated, which can effectively prevent the deformation of joint seepage, structures and Water Leakage for shock absorption, etc。, so as to ensure the project construction waterproof requirements in。


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