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Post type waterstop construction

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Tips: Post type rubber sealing belt is a kind of natural rubber and synthetic rubber as the main raw mater...

Post type rubber sealing belt is a kind of natural rubber and synthetic rubber as the main raw material, and the filling material mixed with various additives, through mixing, mixing, pressing and molding. The rubber sealing strip is the rubber high elasticity and compression deformation characteristics of back stick type rubber sealing strip to generate elastic deformation in under various loads, so as to effectively prevent the construction of the sealing Water Leakage, water seepage and cushioning with products. So in the waterstop positioning and concrete pouring process, should pay attention to positioning method and pouring pressure, so as to avoid the water stop is punctured, influence the sealing effect, specific matters needing attention in the construction units are as follows:

1, will not take long time outdoor exposure, post type rubber seal to prevent rain, do not contact with the chemical substances is strong。

2, to prevent machinery in transportation and construction, and reinforced damage sealing belt.

3, in the construction process, the waterstop must be reliable fixed, to avoid the occurrence of displacement in the pouring of concrete, to ensure the correct position of the waterstop in concrete.

4, usually fixed waterstop are: the use of additional reinforcement fixation; special fixture fixed; the wire and the fixed template, such as perforation, can only choose the installation area on the strip edge, not to damage other parts.

5, the user order should be based on the engineering structure design drawings, calculate the length of products, have special structure drawings and specifications, try to connect into a whole band in the factory will stop, if necessary in the field of connection, can use electric heating plate vulcanization bonding or cold bonding (with rubber waterstop) or welding (plastic sealing with the method, such as user) connected with the difficulties, our company can send technical personnel to the scene to guide the installation。


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