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Rubber waterstop waterproof

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Tips: Rubber waterstop waterproofIn the embedded rubber water stop belt is the middle of the hole in the i...

Rubber waterstop waterproof

In the embedded rubber water stop belt is the middle of the hole in the installation of the waterstop is generally in the construction of the settlement joint, and the settlement is building the seam "deformation" distance in the event of settlement; therefore, if the sealing strip is "single" flat, the same kind of material the rubber anti deformation along the stretch of "no good round sections (because the circle with radian can be from" extending along the length to diameter difference between the semicircle "); also, the circular cross-sectional in the section of the settlement joint is double, than a" flat "layer can prevent a layer of damage" can still maintain the sealing effect。

Rubber watertight strip structure which is composed of a variety of complex geometry structure is on both sides of rubber body is inserted into the through steel galvanized steel and rubber molding hot vulcanization process consists of mounting holes from the outer sides of 30mm steel with the diameter of 3mm wire spacing for hoisting and fixing the waterstop (or installation of actual condition of drilling).


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