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Rectangular plate type rubber bearing

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Tips: Rectangular (circular) plate(1) performance: This product is made of rubber sheet and multilayer thi...

Rectangular (circular) plate

(1) performance: This product is made of rubber sheet and multilayer thin steel inlaid, bonded by pressure, temperature and time of vulcanization repression. There is enough vertical stiffness to bearing vertical load, the upper structure of the beam plate can be reliably anti force transfer to the pier, has good elasticity, to to rotate the beam end; and to meet the horizontal displacement of upper beam structure of large shear deformation.

(2) the characteristics of the products in the bridge construction, hydropower engineering, seismic facilities for housing has been widely used, compared with the original steel bearing, has simple structure, convenient installation; steel saving, low price; easy maintenance, easy replacement and other advantages, and the low building height, and reduce the cost of bridge design have good beneficial; isolation, live load and seismic force can reduce the impact on the building.


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