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Steps for making bridge bearing

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Tips: Steps for making bridge bearingThe first is the need to provide drawings, because the drawings are m...

Steps for making bridge bearing

The first is the need to provide drawings, because the drawings are most accurately reflects the production steps, if there is no common type unless asked plate bearing length width or radius and height is calculated when the attention of unit conversion, pot bearing that displacement is fixed or movable, calculated remember bolt weight do not fall the next.

Second pay attention to customer demand, the customer is to the national standard or to the general. The different needs of different production processes are different.

Third is required to detect, as long as there exist so many times when the third party will detect uncertainty, if customers want to through many times through the relationship to pass, of course we manufacture these bearings is factory qualified.

Fourth try to provide customers with the installation of some advice, if the customer is a long-term bridge do not make an unnecessary move, if you don't know what to tell customers to access data to ensure the correct installation, must be rubber products, if not properly installed will appear bearing floating or extrusion problems affecting the normal bearing load, then the quality and service life of the bridge is also worrying.


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