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Waterproof seal

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Tips: Water swelling rubber sealing strip is made of rubber polymer, inorganic materials and water swellin...

Water swelling rubber sealing strip is made of rubber polymer, inorganic materials and water swelling rubber and synthetic additives with adhesive properties of a new building waterproof material. With water absorbing volume expansion, squeeze the gap between the density of old and new concrete, the formation of plasticity colloid impermeable. The product has created a new way for the to solve the leakage problem of construction gap bridge construction or concrete high-rise building, to fill a gap in China's waterproof. The quality of the products has reached the world advanced level. The rubber seal is usually known as water swelling rubber water stop water swelling, swelling seal, rubber sealing strip, divided into type of seal products. Type sealThe grouting pipe seal, seal, and network type, slow expansion type seal.

BW water swellable rubber seal for a wide range, can be used for all projects can be used to replace the traditional seal, products of traditional products, plugging the gap of water swelling, water sealing, prevent leakage of reliable results。 Resistance to water pressure, water swelling rate is appropriate, has many functions。 With the expansion of self adhesive, can be directly used paste in part or with high-strength steel nail positioning。 Products with inorganic materials, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, has remarkable self-healing function, when the construction joint or deformation of foundation settlement and cracks, the water stop can continue to swell, blocking the new gap, strengthen the automatic proofWater effect。


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