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Non drop type poly sulfur waterproof sealant

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Tips: Non drop type poly sulfur waterproof sealantNon pendulous type two-component polysulfide sealant, th...

Non drop type poly sulfur waterproof sealant

Non pendulous type two-component polysulfide sealant, the appearance is exquisite, paste or viscous body, suitable for all kinds of cement building deformation joint deformation, whether building seam is vertical seam, seam, or top seam, are applicable, since the sulfur sealing is applied to the vertical seam or building top seam that does not appear to fall in sealant flows from the phenomenon of construction joints, but directly stick to go above, therefore, non droop type two-component polysulfide sealant is particularly suitable for building vertical seam or top construction joints, non sagging type two-component polysulfide sealant oil resistance, water resistance, air resistance, resistance UV impact resistance, abrasion resistance, high and low temperature (-50-120 DEG C) and non-toxic, no pollution; low modulus, high elongation, applicable to civil engineering, large-scale water conservancy projects, tap water factory, large-scale sewage treatment plant, water supply and drainage, water conservancy project construction and concrete plug board, has a good bonding effect. The thermal expansion and contraction deformation of sutures, deformation and displacement of synchronization role.

Poly sulfur waterproof building sealant note

1) for the period: two-component polysulfide sealant for building a, group B after mixing the mixture, gradually thickened, exceeds applicable period cannot be used. The use of environmental temperature when considerable effect on curing sealant, the higher the temperature for the shorter period, the low temperature curing speed slowly, the construction temperature 5 to 35 DEG C is appropriate.

2) with the use of poly sulfur waterproof building sealant, sealing materials, the ratio of the width to be appropriate.

3) poly sulfur waterproof building sealant storage to avoid the sun, should be placed in a cool dry place; in 5 to 26 degrees Celsius environment temperature can be stored for half a year, the time is too long will affect its physical and use performance。

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