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Poly sulfur waterproof sealant introduction

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Tips: Definition of two-component polymer sealantA two-component polysulfide sealant liquid polysulfide ru...

Definition of two-component polymer sealant

A two-component polysulfide sealant liquid polysulfide rubber as main material, capable of two-component sealant curing by self making synthetic polymer materials and special process to add a variety of chemical additives under normal temperature, has good adhesion to metal and concrete and other materials, can be in continuous expansion, maintain tightness and waterproof good vibration and temperature change, can maintain continuous expansion, air tightness and good waterproof vibration and temperature change, and oil resistance, solvent resistance, good durability

Introduction of non - drop - down type double - component poly - sulfur sealant:

The appearance is exquisite, paste or viscous body, suitable for all kinds of cement building deformation joint deformation, whether building seam is vertical seam, seam, or top seam, are applicable, since the sulfur sealing is applied to the vertical seam or seams on the top of the building, does not appear to flow from falling sealant the phenomenon of construction joints, but directly stick to go above, therefore, the construction of non droop type two-component polysulfide sealant is particularly suitable for building vertical seam or top seam

Polysulfide caulk


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