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Poly sulfur waterproof sealant technology index

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Tips: Storage period and technical index of high modulus poly - sulfur waterproof sealant:High modulus pol...

Storage period and technical index of high modulus poly - sulfur waterproof sealant:

High modulus poly sulfur waterproof sealant must be stored in airtight containers, placed in a cool and dry place, storage temperature is not more than 27 degrees Celsius, from the date of production began to calculate, shelf life of 9 months.

Five, technical indicators:

Test project GB GB16776-1997

Sag mm = 3

The extrusion of S is less than or equal to 10

Applicable period min 20

Dry time table is less than 180 min

Hardness has 30 - 60

weight loss on heating%10

Tensile adhesion is more than 0.45 standard conditions

90℃ ≥0.45

-30℃ ≥0。45

After more than 0.45

Water - UV after more than 0.45

Definition of two-component polymer sealant

A two-component polysulfide sealant liquid polysulfide rubber as main material, capable of two-component sealant curing by self making synthetic polymer materials and special process to add a variety of chemical additives under normal temperature, has good adhesion to metal and concrete and other materials, can be in continuous expansion, maintain tightness and waterproof good vibration and temperature change, can maintain continuous expansion, air tightness and good waterproof vibration and temperature change, and oil resistance, solvent resistance, good durability

Polysulfide caulk


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