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Poly sulfur waterproof sealant product

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Tips: High modulus poly sulfur waterproof sealant product introduction:High modulus polysulfide sealant wa...

High modulus poly sulfur waterproof sealant product introduction:

High modulus polysulfide sealant waterproof structure in the application of assembly for many substrates exhibit excellent adhesion. It has the following features: neutral curing, metal, coated glass, concrete and marble corrosion resistance; good weathering resistance and aging resistance; good thermal stability, suitable temperature in the range of 40 to 150 DEG C.; has excellent compatibility to most construction materials, generally without the use of the primer.

Storage period and technical index of high modulus poly - sulfur waterproof sealant:

pk10开奖结果High modulus poly sulfur waterproof sealant must be stored in airtight containers, placed in a cool and dry place, storage temperature is not more than 27 degrees Celsius, from the date of production began to calculate, shelf life of 9 months.

Five, technical indicators:

Test project GB GB16776-1997

Sag mm = 3

The extrusion of S is less than or equal to 10

Applicable period min 20

Dry time table is less than 180 min

Hardness has 30 - 60

weight loss on heating%10

Tensile adhesion is more than 0.45 standard conditions

90℃ ≥0.45

-30℃ ≥0.45

After more than 0。45

Water - UV after more than 0.45

Polysulfide caulk


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