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Construction of polymer sealant

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Tips: Construction of polymer sealantRequirements of polysulfide sealant waterproof construction safety. T...

Construction of polymer sealant

Requirements of polysulfide sealant waterproof construction safety。 The non sagging type and self leveling, high elongation, low modulus of two-component polysulfide sealant for fully cured rubber like elastic body。 With high ratio of main agent (A): curing agent (B) =100:10 (quality, standard condition), with the seasons。 Change of regional temperature。 The available amount of curing agent used to adjust for the length range of B components in 10-14。 The high temperature in summer, when construction of a two-component polysulfide sealant for building on the solidification time is faster, the winter construction,Low temperature solidification is slightly slower, in the north of two-component polysulfide sealant for building life up to 140 years in the south, up to 98 years。 In the factory, our company has been in accordance with the quality ratio is good, and in the box with a plastic tube into the open, users need not worry about the proportion of the mass ratio when in use, only need to open the packaging of A components and B components together evenly, can be used。

A two-component polysulfide sealant (paste), elastic rubber sealing paste product introduction: polysulfide sealant is capable of self curing two-component sealing paste liquid polysulfide rubber as the base material and prepared at room temperature (A group: B group =10:0.8 ~ 1.2), with good adhesion the metal and concrete material, can be in continuous expansion, maintain air tightness and good waterproof vibration and temperature change, and oil resistance, solvent resistance, good durability. It is applicable to metal joints, concrete walls, underground engineering (such as tunnel, cave), reservoir, reservoir and other structures waterproof seal and road pavement,Expansion and contraction of the runway, such as the expansion of the runway seal, repair and restore the building cracks sealed.

Polysulfide caulk


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