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Seepage water swelling rubber water stop

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Tips: Seepage water swelling rubber water stopConstruction units in the construction will inevitably leave...

Seepage water swelling rubber water stop

Construction units in the construction will inevitably leave some gaps, these construction joints after contact with water, water will flow into the destruction of the concrete structure。 Which will destroy the whole concrete。 In the use of water, the water meets water, water will be filled into the water, and the water stop the water will automatically inflate, after the expansion of large volume is itself several times。 This can prevent water saturated concrete, play a dual protective effect of waterproof and water sealing。 For example: water swellable rubber water stop has good weather resistance, anti-aging, anti leakage, corrosion resistance。 Simple operation, low cost and so on。Various underground construction projects, water conservancy project, traffic tunnel engineering, power plant cooling tower, municipal water supply and drainage and other concrete masonry concrete works of the construction of a new leak proof of the latest, the most ideal material。

Water usually refers to water swellable rubber water seal, it is mainly divided into the following categories: A, type of expansive water with water, the water swellable materials through the mixer, a waterproof products molding extruder. B, slow expansion type seal usually refers to the national standard of water stop also, water is in line with the GB18173.3-2002 standard production, the provisions of GB18173.3-2002 seal in water after 168 hours of expansion rate is not greater than the final expansion rate of sixty percent C, the product type sealing water swellable material machined into the extrusion type mixer - and soAfter vulcanization Vulcanized Rubber Properties box with water swelling seal, rubber waterstop and water swellable rubber seal is widely used in recent years, is widely used in tunnel, waterworks, sewage treatment plant, power plant, hydroelectric power stations, hydroelectric power station, reservoir, dam engineering expansion joint construction seam, settlement joints structure. The seam water blocking principle in water leakage gap within the preset sealing strip under the constraint conditions (i.e., surrounded by the concrete state) water swelling, blocking, blocking, leakage of water.

The water has very good air tightness, good adhesive strength, adhesive type and strong deformation, without adhesive, direct bonding and new concrete under certain conditions, to overcome the past due to leakage of sealing material for casting bonding with concrete interface unstable problem caused by, has a good water resistance. Acid and alkali resistance and aging resistance, can be widely used in water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and all kinds of industrial and civil engineering.

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