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The development of rubber seal

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Tips: The development of rubber sealThe products in Beijing in June 1988 by the Ministry of science and te...

The development of rubber seal

The products in Beijing in June 1988 by the Ministry of science and technology achievements appraisal, won the 1991 National Award, in order to solve the concrete construction joints, pouring seam leakage problems and create a new way to fill a gap in waterproof materials in China. The quality of the products has reached the world advanced level. The technology transfer of our company after several years by more the strict theoretical analysis, scientific experiments and solicit suggestions of users, we have developed BW- type, BW- type, BW- type, BW- (slow expansion) type IV (slow expansion seal), formed to adapt to different engineering conditions to perfect water swelling self-adhesiveThe rubber sealing strip.

Product range of use:

Water swelling rubber sealing strip is made of rubber polymer, inorganic materials and water swelling rubber and synthetic additives with adhesive properties of a new building waterproof material。 With water absorbing volume expansion, squeeze the gap between the density of old and new concrete, the formation of plasticity colloid impermeable。 The product has created a new way for the to solve the leakage problem of construction gap bridge construction or concrete high-rise building, to fill a gap in China's waterproof。 The quality of the products has reached the world advanced level。

pk10开奖结果Construction units in the construction will inevitably leave some gaps, these construction joints after contact with water, water will flow into the destruction of the concrete structure. Which will destroy the whole concrete. In the use of water, the water meets water, water will be filled into the water, and the water stop the water will automatically inflate, after the expansion of large volume is itself several times. This can prevent water saturated concrete, play a dual protective effect of waterproof and water sealing. For example: water swellable rubber water stop has good weather resistance, anti-aging, anti leakage, corrosion resistance. Simple operation, low cost and so on.Various underground construction projects, water conservancy project, traffic tunnel engineering, power plant cooling tower, municipal water supply and drainage and other concrete masonry concrete works of the construction of a new leak proof of the latest, the most ideal material.

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