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PZ expansive water in water

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Tips: Product type water swelling rubber sealing stripProduct type water swellable rubber sealing strip is...

Product type water swelling rubber sealing strip

Product type water swellable rubber sealing strip is a kind of general characteristics of rubber products, and water self expansion to water seal function. Seal waterproof products type expansion rubber material with elastic sealing material in water, when the distance is increased to joint on both sides of the elastic waterproof material of the elastic recovery rate of outside. Because the product type water swellable rubber sealing strip material has the characteristics of water swellable materials, in the expansion range can still play the water stop, the expansion body still has more rubber properties, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, rubber and plastic products Jingxian County extension of the production of water swellable rubber sealing strip quality is the best.

BW water expansion rubber seal

BW expansion rubber seal with imported special rubber water, inorganic absorbent material, high viscosity resin and so on more than ten kinds of materials by mixing, mixing, extrusion to form, it is a section developed on the foundation of foreign product is a square shaped strip self-adhesive water expansion type seal。

Relying on its own preset viscous paste in concrete construction joints, after pouring joint interface, the two time after pouring the concrete (i.e. concrete wrapped state). The rubber seal of water will gradually swell in water, a capillary pore blockage may exist, on the other hand, the concrete the interface contact more closely, resulting in high water pressure resistance, the formation of impermeable plastic colloid, the product has a high inflation rate, mobile added strong in construction joints, after pouring with strong balance of self-healing function of joints, self sealing for settlement and the emergence of a new small gap, for the completion of the project, such as gap leakageWater availability, water swelling rubber water stop re plugging, using the seal of low cost and simple construction process, corrosion resistance is the best.

water bar for concrete


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