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Grouting material is introduced

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Tips: Grouting material is introducedRaw material of rubber sealing strip: product type water swelling sea...

Grouting material is introduced

Raw material of rubber sealing strip: product type water swelling seal is made of rubber as the substrate, and adding sodium bentonite, super absorbent resin, plasticizer, tackifier resin, antioxidant fillers such as mixing, extrusion and seal. The expansion rate is decided by the sodium bentonite has a swelling function for sodium bentonite. That is to say, the product of expansive water ingredients sodium bentonite water components determine the expansion rate in water.

With the expansion of bentonite, bentonite is a kind of natural montmorillonite as the main component of the clay, which belongs to a hydrous aluminum silicate clay mineral with a small amount of alkali and alkaline earth metals. Because it is not a pure substance has no chemical composition and chemical fixation. The main component of Bentonite for the three and two aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide containing a small amount of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron and so on. Because of different components of different colors for the proportion of 2.6.

Swelling of bentonite: montmorillonite is monoclinic 2:2 type grid like structure layer can absorb and discharge water, water molecules due to the distance between the layers of montmorillonite increased and shows its expansion. Water absorption of bentonite high swelling ratio is more than 80 times. We expanded the solution. Bentonite, of course, also know the sealing of the water after the mechanism of self expansion. So, from this we know in the processing of water, bentonite component directly affects the product type expansion rate of expansive water in water.

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