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In the embedded rubber waterstop waterproof

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Tips: In the embedded rubber water stop belt is the middle of the hole in the installation of the watersto...

In the embedded rubber water stop belt is the middle of the hole in the installation of the waterstop is generally in the construction of the settlement joint, and the settlement is building the seam "deformation" distance in the event of settlement; therefore, if the sealing strip is "single" flat, the same kind of material the rubber anti deformation along the stretch of "no good round sections (because the circle with radian can be from" extending along the length to diameter difference between the semicircle "); also, the circular cross-sectional in the section of the settlement joint is double, than a" flat "layer can prevent a layer of damage" can still maintain the sealing effect。

I produced the detachable rubber water stop belt can be detachable processing rubber waterstop, chloroprene rubber removable rubber waterstop and three EPDM removable rubber sealing strip, the general construction waterproof joints, can choose the rubber sealing belt, when the case of weak acid, alkali corrosion medium when should use chloroprene rubber waterstop; when the oil medium should choose nitrile rubber waterstop; when the mould erosion may be, should consider the mold sealing strip, the level should reach level 2 Level 2 or above; when the temperature of -25 DEG ~60 DEG with chloroprene rubber seal with -35 ~60 DEG C when using rubber zhishuidai -40 DEG ~60 DEG when using three EPDM rubber sealing belt。 The rubber sealing strip is embedded with the standard GB18173。2-2000< molecular water-proof materials > organization production。 So we can produce various shapes according to user requirements, the size of the rubber sealing belt, also for the different needs of different parts of the project, a cross。 T type, slope type and angle type products, can be applied to any design requirements。 The waterstop products in the transportation, should avoid direct sunlight, not with heat, contact with oil and harmful solvent。 The finished products should be taken straight flat, do not add weight。 Keep -10 - C storage places+30 C, relative humidity in 40%-80%。 buried rubber waterstop applicable scope: underground structures, dams, cisterns, pools, and other building roofing material and building deformation joint waterproofing。

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