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In the embedded rubber water stop belt material

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Tips: In the embedded rubber water stop belt materialIn the embedded rubber water stop belt to natural rub...

In the embedded rubber water stop belt material

In the embedded rubber water stop belt to natural rubber and various synthetic rubber as the main raw material, and the filling material mixed with various additives, through mixing, mixing, pressing and molding. The rubber sealing strip is the rubber high elasticity and compression deformation characteristics, produce elastic deformation under various loads, so as to effective sealing, prevent construction Water Leakage, seepage and cushioning. In architectural design generally larger projects, due to the continuous casting, or as a result of the ground deformation, or concrete caused by thermal expansion due to temperature change and contraction, to save construction seam, settlement joints, deformation joints, in these rubber joints must be installedBring water to prevent leakage of water problems. 

Embedded rubber water stop belt should be used in connecting heat vulcanization bonding; PVC strip connection, according to the requirements of manufacturers can use hot bonding (lap length not less than 10 cm). The joint should be checked one by one, no bubbles, slag or false welding. Strength check of waterstop joints when necessary. The tensile strength shall not be less than the strength of the base material 75%.

If the embedded rubber waterstop joint with PVC sealing strip, adopt bolt joint method (commonly known as plastic Bao Zitong), bolting length should not be less than 35 cm. The waterstop shall be template clamping and positioning, firmly supported. The level of sealing sheet (strip) or 50 cm range should not be set in horizontal construction joints. If cannot avoid, measures should be taken to put the sealing sheet (strip) embedded in or leave. Waterproof rubber zhishuidai scheme is adopted, many embedded rubber water stop sealing method in advance.

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