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Medium buried waterstop sealing mechanism

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Tips: Medium buried waterstop sealing mechanismIn the embedded rubber water stop belt is characterized by ...

Medium buried waterstop sealing mechanism

In the embedded rubber water stop belt is characterized by high elastic properties under various loads will produce elastic deformation will occur the volume expansion of the water, so it can play a strong role in sealing, which can prevent the water into the building interior and exterior of the building to prevent the building of water to the outside world, also can play a damping strip the buffer.

In the embedded rubber water stop belt to natural rubber and various synthetic rubber as the main raw material, and the filling material mixed with various additives, through mixing, mixing, pressing and molding. The rubber sealing strip is the rubber high elasticity and compression deformation characteristics, produce elastic deformation under various loads, so as to effective sealing, prevent construction Water Leakage, seepage and cushioning. In architectural design generally larger projects, due to the continuous casting, or as a result of the ground deformation, or concrete caused by thermal expansion due to temperature change and contraction, to save construction seam, settlement joints, deformation joints, in these rubber joints must be installedBring water to prevent leakage of water problems.

In the embedded rubber water stop belt is mainly used for concrete in cast-in-place construction joints and deformation joints and concrete structure has become one of the basic engineering facilities, such as underground tunnels, culverts, dams, aqueducts, liquid storage structures and so on.

Embedded rubber water stop belt should be formed in the surface of the installation, puffing, rust, grease should be cleaned。 If there are blisters, nail holes, cracks should be welded up。 If the extension is suitable for lap welding。 The lap length should not be less than 20mm, and should be welded on both sides (including the "nose"。 Part)。 The test can ensure the quality can be butt welded, but not by manual electric arc welding。

If is a rubber watertight strip by welding joint surface should be smooth, no blisters or cracks, no seepage. In the joint factory should check the number of not less than the total number of joint joint inspection of 20%. in the field of welding, should be one by one appearance and penetration inspection. 

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