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Characteristics of shield type rubber dam

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Tips: Shield type rubber dam1, flexible variable water level control, adjustable multi level application.2...

Shield type rubber dam

1, flexible variable water level control, adjustable multi level application.

2, modular design, simplify the installation and maintenance, saving time and effort。

3, high energy efficiency of the water retaining structure, the power system is simple, low investment and high application.

4, the optimal channel reduction effect. Gas shield dam collapse flood effect can flow to the greatest degree.

5, flex life. Independence of the division of labor, mutually depend on, durable.

6, there is no limit to the span of the application, whether the river is wide or narrow, the gas shield dam can be used。

7, high cost, with the least money to do the smallest foundation, the best effect.

Book type rubber dam

The rubber dam is characterized in that the section shape is similar to the book structure, and the dam body appearance is smooth, and the shape of the factory is formed at one time, the curing is improved, the transverse tension of the dam bag is improved, and the vibration of the dam bag and the overflow of the water are reduced。

The dam overflow scene is beautiful, with ornamental effect, dam surface roughness, spine type of rubber dam collapse can completely collapse Pingba bag。

Using automatic charging and discharging system, advanced automatic control system, through the liquid level sensor and pressure sensor signals, automatic regulation of the height of the dam and internal pressure, complete automation management, is conducive to the late management。

portable dam


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