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Brief introduction of rubber water dam

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Tips: Rubber dam profileRubber dam, also known as rubber sluice, using high strength synthetic fibre fabri...

Rubber dam profile

Rubber dam, also known as rubber sluice, using high strength synthetic fibre fabric as the bearing frame, inner and outer coating rubber protection layer, processed into fabric, then the anchor on the floor into a closed dam bag, filling and discharging pipe through the water (gas) the bag inflated formed dam the crest. Can overflow, and can be adjusted according to the height of the dam to control the water level upstream, to irrigation, power generation, navigation, flood control, tide and other benefits.

Development of rubber dam

The rubber dam has developed rapidly since 1990s in China。 From 1966 to 1993 in the past thirty years the country only built rubber dam block 366, according to incomplete statistics, as of October 2006, China's rubber dam has been built about 2000 seats, especially in recent years the new 300 rate of about per year。 The domestic rubber dam the highest 6m, the longest single span and multi span 176m, the longest 1135m, founded in 1980, Tibet Yangbajing rubber dam more than 4300 meters above sea level, is the highest elevation of the rubber dam。 The rubber dam is widely distributed in China, West to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionDistrict of Shihezi city (44 degrees 86 degrees 17 'N, 02' E), east to the Jixi city of Heilongjiang province Lishu district (45 degrees 130 degrees 05 'N, 41' E), north to the Jiagedaqi Greater Khingan Range region of Heilongjiang province (50 degrees 124 degrees 24 'N, 07' E), South to the city of Five Fingers Group Hainan province (18 degrees 109 degrees 46 'N, 30' E) throughout mainland China, all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government。 In addition, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region by the end of 1999 has built the rubber dam block 20, Taiwan province has built a rubber dam steel gate。

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