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Rubber dam anti corrosion material

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Tips: Rubber dam with material preservationIn order to avoid the corrosion of unvulcanized rubber, vulcani...

Rubber dam with material preservation

In order to avoid the corrosion of unvulcanized rubber, vulcanized or pre vulcanized plate or sheet metal or other material。 In the work surface with rubber fabric to form a barrier of a succession of covering skills called rubber lining rubber fabric。 Skills can be divided into soft plastic, hard rubber and semi hard rubber, usually according to the conditions of NR, CR and SBR。 The production of fabric including metal substrate surface treatment, rubber fabric processing, cutting, laminating and curing process。 The fabric sheet as chemical corrosion resistance, anti mechanical wear materials are widely used as chemical equipment materials and metallurgical mines, mud pump, flotation machine, grinder, design cement mill and other building materials industry 。

To pad is a cloth two glue, according to the provisions of the State shall be two mm film of pure, pure film in the practice of construction which simple tear, long time in the use of them will follow up the dam and dam collapse in the rubber dam body together with the flow back and forth, after a considerable period of time will fall, fall is the result of blocking drainage tube is not the collapse of the dam, once the formation of this situation, to the flood in order to protect the personal safety needs timely industry upstream dam collapse, that there is only one way is to cut the dam spillway, so a cloth two glue, completely avoid the attack of this situation and provide for safe operation of the dam。

rubber water dam


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