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The rubber sealing strip and PVC strip

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Tips: Rubber waterstop joint with PVC strip, should use bolt joint method (commonly known as plastic Bao Z...

Rubber waterstop joint with PVC strip, should use bolt joint method (commonly known as plastic Bao Zitong), bolting length should not be less than 35 cm. The waterstop equipment shall be template clamping and positioning, strong support. The level of sealing sheet (strip) or 50 cm range should not be set in the horizontal construction joint. If cannot avoid, should the way to a sealing sheet (strip) or embedded waterproof rubber waterstop plan. Set aside the rubber sealing strip sealing ahead in many ways. Otherwise, the construction of leading the water halfway in question was put forward to plan revision, the integrity and rationality will affect all the water stop plan. Because the rubber sealing belt should be located in by The stress and deformation of small parts, the distance should be 30 ~ 60m, width should be 700 ~ 1000mm. rubber strip can be made into a flat seam, the main structure in the seam reinforcement should not be broken off if necessary, then the main reinforcement lap length should be greater than 45 times the rebar diameter and add additional reinforced rubber waterproof structure waterstop according to plan in advance. The rubber sealing strip sealing rubber strip, concrete parts should be somewhat thickened, and the addition of post type or medium buried waterstop. Lead sealing should be throughout the whole process of the whole project, until the backfill is completed. The primary should choose appropriate way to avoid surface water. Maintenance of water and waste Object debris falling into the basement, should contact the plane of the drainage system plan when necessary, located near the sump with bottom pouring, so the rubber sealing belt before pouring up. After all not to use the water in advance, should also be set in accordance with the above measures in puddles, underground indoor, can also be used as a temporary facility, located in the ground outdoor.

Note PVC waterstop construction

pk10开奖结果Users in the construction process, because there are many sharp stones and reinforced concrete, the operation should pay attention to avoid mechanical damage to the plastic waterstop.

In the positioning of the plastic waterstop, to make it smooth and fit the concrete interface, can not appear waterstop flip, twist phenomenon, otherwise should be timely adjusted. In the pouring fixed sealing strip, should prevent the waterstop shift, influence the sealing effect. Waterstop joint can use heat bonding, welding and other methods, to ensure securely. Pouring concrete in the process should pay attention to the full vibration, in order to achieve the waterstop and concrete combine.

pvc water stop


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