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Calculation of bridge expansion joint

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Tips: Calculation of bridge expansion jointBridge expansion joint device. The bridge expansion device now ...

Calculation of bridge expansion joint

Bridge expansion joint device. The bridge expansion device now has telescopic effect, but because of leaking dust and reduce their life, and the increased security risks. Device of bridge expansion joint, comprises a reinforcing plate, which is characterized in that the reinforcing plate of the cuboid box.

In the choice of bridge expansion joint device, the expansion caused by temperature change and shrinkage of joint extension, contraction expansion amount and creep of concrete caused by the expansion caused by creep, as the main basis for determining the expansion device types and specifications, and the amount of additional expansion amount caused by other factors as well as the bridge structure the check or arrangement, to take into account the amount of surplus and mainly in the setting expansion joint device。 (the amount of surplus from basic 30% expansion amount)。

Rubber dam damage cause

(1) damage caused by man-made damage

The rubber dam can be easily damaged and sharp pointed objects, repeated severe injury to the place in the vulnerable due to ignorance or malicious destruction of the rubber dam should not be installed.

Through the fence erected near the rubber dam ground vibration protection, can reduce the occurrence of the above. Or will be set in the rubber dam was closed in the region, the access to this area is limited to allow access to the staff.

  1. the damage caused by the debris after the flood

    Because of all kinds of debris left after the flood, such as civilian facilities and building materials of this kind of objects. It is likely to cause damage to the dam upstream face. The tiny leakage is easy to repair, however, if the leakage area is very large, such as building the debris caused by the leak, repair is difficult.

  2. the damage caused by bleeding

    The deflation period, may be due to the rubber dam dam downstream face close to pierce the sharp object。

  3. damage caused by wear and tear

    The vibration of the dam, the dam and the river bed, and the friction between the two sides, as well as a variety of garbage floating debris may lead to the loss of the dam。

  4. the damage caused by fire

    The fire is perhaps the most potential of the rubber dam hazard factors unfavorable. Fire can cause widespread damage of dam, a large area of the dam repair is sometimes not possible. It is important for the dam, the feasible way is to provide spare rubber dam, so that in the event of serious damage, can be quickly replaced.

    Problems and Countermeasures in operation management of rubber dam in small port

    Xiaobudong River project is located in Shandong city of Linyi province Yihe River, built in 1997, is a rubber dam, flood control, irrigation, power generation, city water supply, water conservancy project multifunctional tourism development. The rubber dam length world Guinness, full-length 1247.4m, arranged in the middle section of the 16 rubber the symmetrical arrangement of rubber dam dam. Two dampers of the 5 holes, two distributionallocation outside the basement for the bridgehead drainage pumping stations 1, respectively, about 8 each day to control the dam bag filling and drainage.

    Since the project has been put into operation in flood control, play a huge economic and social benefits of irrigation and so on. But because the rubber dam has some problems in the design and operation management, it is necessary to strengthen the operation management of rubber dam.


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