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Expansion joint installation

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Tips: When the telescopic seam in place to install with the crane lifting, should check the crane hook, pr...

When the telescopic seam in place to install with the crane lifting, should check the crane hook, prevent decoupling, lifting should be strictly in accordance with the manufacturers for crane hoisting, and in accordance with the design drawings to rolled steel. In the fixed process using the method of controlling the cable telescopic device in line and straight, with the length is more than 3m or Aluminum Alloy steel I-beam has enough rigidity are laid on the joints on both sides. To control the elevation along the vertical direction of steel joints with 1m spacing and placed on both sides of the joint construction with wedge type steel joints will be flat, and then use the 3M ruler with self-made door frame by precise leveling the steel wedge, should be in the process of levelingWhen the expansion joint is in position, the center line and elevation of the expansion joint should be adjusted, and the elevation is determined according to the measured road surface elevation in the 5m range on both sides of the seam.

Expansion joint preparation before installation:

should check the docking bridge joint seam is certificate of steel bearing bridge expansion, specifications, and invite relevant personnel supervision, design and appearance of the telescopic joint, check and acceptance of geometric precision, qualified rear can use. The line on the bridge, cutting: according to the design position of expansion joint line release and, according to the size of design from the centerline position measurement of expansion joint of concrete protective line, with concrete cutting machine by drawing a line cutting deck asphalt concrete. In order to ensure the cutting edge is not damaged, can be divided into two. The first cutting slit distance protection line to be reserved for the 5cm, before pouring the concrete, and then along the accurateSecond. Cutting edge cutting requirements straight, accurate cutting, careful not to damage the waterproofing layer, the waterproof layer up to be protected.

The bridge must be timely cleaning, filling gap: with artificial air compressor to clear cutting asphalt concrete range, and chiseling concrete loose, while the joint internal debris to clean up. The slit width must meet the design requirements after cleaning with width, the benzene board expansion joint block strict recovery. The embedded anchor bar. The number of reserved rebar should be consistent with the design drawings, if it does not correspond to timely repair welding. Using air compressor to clean up again. In order to prevent the expansion joint installation process of weld burn in foam board, foam board on both sides of steel or iron cover.


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