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Characteristics of bridge expansion joint

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Tips: Automatic clearance of comb type telescopic clearanceTelescopic device of different types, generally...

Automatic clearance of comb type telescopic clearance

Telescopic device of different types, generally there is a common problem in the gap. The telescopic ash, hard blockage, affect the normal expansion beams seriously. The plate comb type expansion joint device, due to the special structure, end comb telescopic gap located in unilateral beam, while the comb type bottom surface of stainless steel slide ash cushion, and hard objects can only stay in the surface, which can help the stretching process and vehicle driving plate comb function, automatic ash discharge, hard expansion gap, so as not to cause blockage, no need to clean up, does not affect the normal telescopic ring beams.

has excellent waterproof, dust performance.

Comb plate type expansion joint device is provided with two layers of chloroprene rubber waterproof layer, and the comb type steel telescopic gap pouring waterproof ointment to waterproof and dustproof effect, excellent corrosion, effectively protect the structure under the bridge and delay bearing, prolong the service life of the bridge


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