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Technical requirements of bridge expansion device

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Tips: Technical requirements of bridge expansion device:1 the use of rubber (CR, -25, suitable for tempera...

Technical requirements of bridge expansion device:

1 the use of rubber (CR, -25, suitable for temperature in -+60 c) or the use of natural rubber (i.e. NR, suitable for temperature at -40 C -+60 C)

2 steel plate used in the expansion device, quality requirements in line with the provisions of GB374, GB012, the use of profiled steel, (that is, 16MN or Q345) in line with the provisions of JT/T1591.

Install expansion joint device to meet the river bridge direction and route is not vertical to the anchor bar and the displacement control box oblique arrangement, anchor bar and displacement is expansion modulus telescopic device for various telescopic device and MZL160~1200mm 0~80mm of the control box of the welding in the horizontal tilt shaped side beam the anchor bar, angle and edge beam with the direction of the bridge and tilt of the change

Construction method of bridge expansion joint:

(1) the expansion joint is installed with the slotting method, which is the first to carry out the construction of the bridge deck pavement, and then to install the expansion joints。 The asphalt concrete pavement layer is used to control the smoothness and elevation of the concrete and the expansion joint。

(2) the expansion joint should be installed on the temperature of the annual average temperature. When the installation temperature and annual average temperature difference affects the joints during normal use, the manufacturer should be under the guidance of engineers, remove the clamp, Jack adjustable telescopic gap, to meet the requirements, and then install the fixture, to preparation of the installation.

(3) expansion joint after installation must be flat, vertical and horizontal slope meets the design requirements, and on both sides of the asphalt concrete pavement smooth connection.

(4) it is strictly prohibited to connect the joints of the expansion joint directly with the embedded steel bar in the concrete.

(5) before installation, the expansion joint should be properly stored, no deformation and pollution.

(6) the construction of the air compressor is strictly prohibited, generators and other power equipment directly on the road, all the machinery must take effective measures to prevent oil spills pollution of the road。

(7) after the installation, it is necessary to ensure that the asphalt concrete around the expansion joint is clean, free of pollution and no damage.

(8) the installation of the expansion joint can not affect the road flow, need to do well in advance, can not be a safety accident. Set the bridge width to have a certain width of the car.


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