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Sealant using material

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Tips: Composition and properties of polymer waterproof sealant:Polysulfide sealant waterproof system of li...

Composition and properties of polymer waterproof sealant:

Polysulfide sealant waterproof system of liquid polysulfide rubber as the main material, with tackifying resin, curing agent, accelerator, reinforcing agent made of strong sealant. This sealant has excellent resistance to oil, hydraulic oil, water and atmospheric aging resistance of various chemical properties and the heat and is generally can be vulcanized. According to the group can be divided into two components (or three components) and one component type. The machining process with premixed - grinding - filling.

Construction method of poly sulphur waterproof sealant:

pk10开奖结果1, sealed surface treatment: before construction to remove oil viscosity on the surface of the attachment of dust and other debris, ensure the adherend surface drying, smooth to prevent bad adhesion. 2, filling the back lining material: according to the design requirements, to the joint is filled in the backing material.

3Sealant preparation: according to mix instructions given, two component mixed evenly, can be used, regardless of mixer or hand mixed, should reach uniform color no color。 Mixing should prevent bubble mixing, coating should prevent bubble mixing, compaction, fill seal waterproof two-component polysulfide。 Room temperature vulcanized sealant is liquid polysulfide rubber based prepared two-component sealant, it can be in continuous expansion, vibration and temperature change to maintain good durability, air tightness and water resistance。 The product is equipped with a coat paint has good adhesion to metal, concrete material, convenient construction and operation simple, is the building construction, waterproof and permeability of the indispensable sealing material。

Polysulfide sealant


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