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BW introduces the water swelling rubber water stop

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Tips: BW water expansion rubber sealBW type rubber seal is a kind of water swellable rubber strip, it can ...

BW water expansion rubber seal

BW type rubber seal is a kind of water swellable rubber strip, it can use its own sticky paste directly on the surface of the concrete construction joints, water volume expansion plugging construction joints and surrounding the pores, to prevent leakage requirements reliable. It created a new way to solve the leakage problem of concrete application sewing, the performance of BW type rubber seal has reached the level of similar foreign products, in Beijing in June 1998. Through the ministerial level identification fills the blank of waterproof materials in China.

BW rubber seal material

BW type rubber seal body for use in inorganic materials, encased in concrete, has good durability, the expansion rate is greater than 200%, can be reliably with water water, water pressure resistance is greater than 0。8Mpa, can meet the general engineering requirements。 The Beijing International Trade Center project, Asian Sports Village project, Qinghai dragon Yangxia, Lijiaxia engineering and energy engineering system of water use proved that the effect is excellent, by construction units alike。

bentonite waterstop


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