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Water swelling of Bentonite

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Tips: Water swelling of BentoniteSwelling of bentonite: montmorillonite is monoclinic 2:2 type grid like s...

Water swelling of Bentonite

Swelling of bentonite: montmorillonite is monoclinic 2:2 type grid like structure layer can absorb and discharge water, water molecules due to the distance between the layers of montmorillonite increased and shows its expansion. Water absorption of bentonite high swelling ratio is more than 80 times. We expanded the solution. Bentonite, of course, also know the sealing of the water after the mechanism of self expansion. So, from this we know in the processing of water, bentonite component directly affects the product type expansion rate of expansive water in water.

pk10开奖结果A detailed description of rubber water stop:

Putty type expansion rubber seal has a high inflation rate in water, mobile added strong in construction joints with balanced self-healing function strong, self sealing settlement due to the emergence of new micro cracks, has completed the project, such as the Water Leakage crevice penetration, available water stop to use the water plugging。 A low cost and simple construction process, the best corrosion resistance。 Widely used in air defense, swimming pool, sewage treatment engineering, underground railway, tunnel construction, culvert and other concrete construction joints, expansion joints, cracks。


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