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Installation of telescopic device

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Tips: Installation of telescopic device Anchor width of the expansion device. Need to sew steel reinforcem...

Installation of telescopic device

Anchor width of the expansion device.

Need to sew steel reinforcement embedded in the beam (plate) specification expansion anchor width end and the abutment。 Considering the coordination of the construction technology of anchor width expansion device according to the 50cm settings as appropriate, should adopt the abutment back wall width is set, it is convenient for the bridge panel, cast-in-place concrete pavement concrete construction the stability of the telescopic device also has been protected。

Anchorage reinforcement of the expansion device。

In the precast beam (plate) and the end of the back wall embedded within the expansion device of anchor bars is carried out in two different conditions. The general design is given to the width of the bridge in the center of symmetry, beam (plate) is arranged on the end of the pre buried steel, reinforced in each beam (plate) in the the embedded position is not the same, to increase the difficulty of construction, so the anchor bars should be symmetrical to each piece of beam (plate) of the center set, this should be considered in the design.

In order to ensure the construction of anchor bars. Only setting is not desirable in the pouring of concrete bridge deck 8 - 10cm thick, this fact does not allow positioning telescopic device firmly angle and beam (plate) and the back wall concrete connection into a whole, the formation of unstable risks, need construction seriously.

The positioning angle of expansion device


The positioning angle of expansion device installation must be based on the measured temperature, calculate the expansion amount to adjust the gap between the two positioning angle distance and positioning angle according to the bridge deck height will be welded to the steel reinforcement embedded, so the strict control of the gap distance. For the expansion joint spacing, hold a rather small tendency not big, is absolutely intolerable.

The positioning angle near the concrete in the construction of vibrator is difficult, dead and parts intensive steel, should strengthen the manual vibrating。

the setting of continuous seam

According to the design of continuous joint width and span bridge beam (plate) the difference between the length of the design set, 30m combination of T continuous beam width 6cm; various width of 4cm continuous slab; wedge adjustment curve on curve bridge deck set in cap and wedge parts of continuous suture set by two slits and each slot width not less than 4cm, usually the design width of 2cm is small。

Continuous deck joints, deformation pseudomorphism width and depth must be standardized, uniform, seam width and depth are advised by 0.5 - 2.5cm one set, this is convenient for construction.

pouring of concrete in Anchorage Zone

Bridge Lane concrete pavement should be the same as the expansion device of anchorage zone of concrete at the same time pouring, construction joints stay at the site and the entire deck is not allowed。


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