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The rubber sealing belt cut-off

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Tips: After pretreatment of galvanized steel inserted into the middle rubber vulcanization forming, strong...

After pretreatment of galvanized steel inserted into the middle rubber vulcanization forming, strong bonding force between the two, has obvious effect of seepage. In buried steel edged waterstop in the middle rubber body structure deformation by compression, stretching, deformation, and the sealing effect of water; galvanized steel and concrete good adhesion, not easy to fall off and loose, the embedded rubber water stop belt can bear large pulling force and torsion. In the construction, due to the huge vibration force of concrete pouring and not easy to be fixed, will make ordinary rubber sealing belt production shift, pull off, torsion and loose and fall off, that will in the case of large water productionThe leaking phenomenon, rubber watertight strip, due to steel and concrete, not between the steel belt and the rubber to have a new permeability.

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