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Common specifications of steel edged rubber waters

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Tips: Common specifications of steel edged rubber waterstop:Common specifications: 350 x 6350 x 8350 x 104...

Common specifications of steel edged rubber waterstop:

Common specifications: 350 x 6350 x 8350 x 10400 x 8 specifications。 The principle of waterproof rubber watertight strip when the structure deformation exists only partial deformation rubber is elongated, thinning, to seal the sealing effect, and on both sides of the sheet in the bond with the concrete, and the surrounding concrete with strong adhesion between the steel plate and rubber, the sealing member can withstand greater torque and tension, so as to ensure the sealing member not loosening and shedding phenomenon in effective range of concrete deformation, does not produce new leakage, improve the sealing effect。

Jingxian County tuoda rubber products Co。, the production of rubber watertight strip products in the United States, Germany, Holland, Japan and China have been widely used in the engineering fields。 Jincheng steel edged rubber water stop price。 The bond strength between them (peel strength) should be 8~10N/2。5mm。

Buried steel edged waterstop design

Buried in the characteristics of rubber watertight strip which is used by non thick section structure, a sealing product area and strong waterproof area, uniform stress, it is reasonable. Each part of the steel edged rubber water stop plate, additional mounting hole and the reinforced connection fixation without translocation to shift the stress is uniform and reasonable. The telescopic hole Jiubi plane, in the construction of waterstop plate mold clamping large contact surface, easy mounting hole and dislocation; plate with reinforced connection, fixation is not easy displacement. Good adhesion of galvanized steel sheet and concrete, buried in the waterproof rubber watertight strip better. I plant the production of embedded steel edged rubber water stop isA waterproof product mix to galvanized steel and natural rubber raw material consisting of a rubber body material, it adopts the aging of natural rubber and excellent antioxidant performance, with strong self adhesive; high temperature in summer has no flow, low temperature in winter are not crisp; and has excellent water resistance, acid and alkali and ageing resistance; long service life, the product itself is non-toxic, the characteristics of a good environment.


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