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Performance of bridge expansion joint

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Tips: A 1.5mm-3mm thick layer of PTFE / graphene plate in the rubber bearing surface above, can be made of...

A 1。5mm-3mm thick layer of PTFE / graphene plate in the rubber bearing surface above, can be made of PTFE / graphene sliding plate rubber support。 In addition to its vertical stiffness and elastic deformation under vertical load and can adapt to the rotation of the outer end of the beam, due to the low friction coefficient of PTFE / graphene plate, can be the girder ends in PTFE sliding surface, the horizontal displacement is not restricted, especially suitable in small load, large bridge displacement。

Plate rubber bearing not only has excellent technical performance, but also has simple structure, low cost, no need of maintenance and replacement of buffer isolation, low building height and so on。 Therefore, it is widely used in the bridge community。

QZ series ball type structure features and functions of 0Z series bearing ball bearing is composed of a support plate with stainless steel plate, a lower support plate, spherical lining, PTFE / graphene (i.e., PTFE slide plane, spherical PTFE) composition and dustproof structure. This series of products with ordinary basin type rubber support compared. The angle is bigger, flexible rotation, large bearing capacity, the characteristics of allowable displacement is large, and can better meet the needs of bearing large rotation. This series of products are widely used in bridge, straight bridge, skew bridge and city overpass bridge project.

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