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QZ series ball type bridge bearing

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Tips: QZ series ball bearingQZ series of ball bearing is composed of the upper support plate, a lower supp...

QZ series ball bearing

QZ series of ball bearing is composed of the upper support plate, a lower support plate, sheet, PTFE / graphene plate (F4, spherical PTFE) and rubber ring composed of a special pot rubber bearing。 It will support the rubber plate is changed into spherical PTFE hence the name, because the QZ ball the middle and bottom plate type bearing basin also correspondingly changed into spherical surface, reducing friction coefficient。 The displacement is realized by sliding between the upper support plate and a plane。 PTFE guide groove guide or one-way or displacement constraints bearing ring is arranged on the upper bearing plate, can be made into spherical one-way movable and fixed bearing through the spherical plate and spherical PTFE plateThe sliding to meet the needs of support。

GPZ (II) series basin type support

Pot bearing GPZ (II) pot bearing steel is a new bridge and a combination of rubber bearing, and other similar types of basin type compared to cast steel bearings and bearing roller has the big bearing capacity, displacement, rotation and flexible, light weight, compact structure, simple structure, construction low height, convenient manufacture, steel saving, low cost and other advantages, is suitable for large span bridge using the ideal bearing. The bearing capacity of the series into 31 levels, the bearing capacity of 0.8MN-60MN, it can meet the needs of large-scale bridge construction.

inflatable flood barrier


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