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The use of PTFE laminated rubber bearing

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Tips: PTFE laminated rubber bearing rangeA. use: mainly used for movable support beam of long span bridge,...

PTFE laminated rubber bearing range

A。 use: mainly used for movable support beam of long span bridge, 30 meters span continuous slab bridge, multi span continuous beam bridge。

B。 as a slide block using continuous beam pushing, T beam traversing, large equipment slip。

Three, F4 rubber bearing schematic

Load level is divided into 100KN-10000KN

PTFE sliding bearings are pasted on the PTFE / minimum thickness of graphene sheet should meet the specification in Table 4. Unit: mm

Rectangular bearing

Thickness of the long boundary range (d)

500 2 500 2

>500 3 >500 3 

pk10开奖结果PTFE plate rubber bearing specifications

1, according to the Ministry of communications 663-2006 JT/T highway bridge plate rubber bearing specifications series, specific please click into. 2, special specifications can be negotiated by the user. 4, the end of the plate and stainless steel plate can be supplied.

GYZF4, GJZF4 plate type rubber bearing specifications series details please click

GJZF4, GYZF4 specifications series bearing main accessories size details please click

1 PTFE sliding bearing assembly is shown in Figure 3

pk10开奖结果2 PTFE sliding plate rubber bearings for GJZF4. rectangular code

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