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Choice of expansion joints of different bridges

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Tips: Modular supportWhen the bridge telescopic deformation of more than 50mm, often using a steel telesco...

Modular support

When the bridge telescopic deformation of more than 50mm, often using a steel telescopic device. Steel supported bridge expansion joints when the vehicle passing due to beam end rotation or deflection and rattling effect, bridge expansion joint noise, and easy to make structural damage. Therefore, the device is provided with the spring bolt the fixed sliding plate, to reduce rattling and noise, relatively complex structure of the expansion joints.

The device is a shear type rubber belt as a filling material expansion device using a variety of different shapes。 The rubber elastic, easy to paste, and can meet the requirement of deformation and waterproof。 In China, has been widely used in bridge engineering。

Safety installation of bridge expansion joint of bridge expansion joint

The construction unit for expansion joint hoisting, check the center line and center line girder seam is coincident, its top surface and surface elevation is consistent, timely adjustment. The pre delivery of rebar and anchor joints welded firmly, then across the 12 or 16 level steel. Must immediately dismantle the expansion joint positioning plate, chisel to locate the screw, and the angle to the wheel abrasion welding scar, fill the paint adhesive tape or wood. The top surface of the seam sealing joints, the notch part is No. 50 pouring concrete; with insert type vibrator, vibration compacting concrete fully. Smooth surface. Using a ruler to check excessive expansion joint top surface. Over the period, should as far as possible with the roadSmooth. The concrete health rear can be opened to traffic. With the wall, the pavement structure of the expansion joints, to participate in the installation process.

asphaltic plug joint


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