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Butt joint type bridge expansion joint

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Tips: Docking type expansion joint device, according to its structural style and stress characteristics of...

Docking type expansion joint device, according to its structural style and stress characteristics of different, can be divided into filling butt type and embedded type packing. Two kinds of butt butt type expansion device is to asphalt, wood, rubber and other materials caulk oakum, are under pressure, flexible body state in any case. This kind of telescopic device commonly used in conventional bridge engineering scale below 40mm, but has not seen. Embedded devices use different forms of butt joints of steel rubber strip with different shapes (with) embedded firmly, and the rubber strip (belt) tension and compression deformation to absorb the deformation of the girder the telescopic body can, in a compressed state. You can also place.

Modular support

When the bridge telescopic deformation of more than 50mm, often using a steel telescopic device. Steel supported bridge expansion joints when the vehicle passing due to beam end rotation or deflection and rattling effect, bridge expansion joint noise, and easy to make structural damage. Therefore, the device is provided with the spring bolt the fixed sliding plate, to reduce rattling and noise, relatively complex structure of the expansion joints.

The device is a shear type rubber belt as a filling material expansion device using a variety of different shapes。 The rubber elastic, easy to paste, and can meet the requirement of deformation and waterproof。 In China, has been widely used in bridge engineering。

filler joint


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