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A wide range of applications of polymer sealant

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Tips: Polysulfide sealant waterproof as sealing materials are widely used in civil engineering. 1, with we...

Polysulfide sealant waterproof as sealing materials are widely used in civil engineering。 

1, with weather resistance, good durability, long-term use of cracks; 2, the sealing member with adhesive bonding durability and fully stable, long-term adhesion to concrete in water; 3, water vapor transmission rate is very low, two-component polysulfide sealant has very good waterproof function; 4, not the erosion of fungi, excellent resistance to fungi; 5, the construction work is good, two-component polysulfide sealant can be very good to fill the seam; 6, no corrosion on the sealing member does not produce pollution, and the two groups copy of polysulfide sealantHarmless to the human body. In a two-component polysulfide sealant is suitable for metal joint concrete walls, underground engineering (such as tunnel, cave), reservoir, reservoir and other structures of waterproof sealing, and highway pavement, runway expansion joint sealing, building repair cracks restoration seal, especially suitable for the water distribution net tank seal joint, filter plate, sewage tank expansion of large scale sewage treatment plant and other liquid sealing deformation joint sealing structures.

Polysulfide sealant


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