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Two component polyurethane sealant

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Tips: Two component polyurethane sealant. A two-component polyurethane sealant curing type, A, B two compo...

Two component polyurethane sealant.

 A two-component polyurethane sealant curing type, A, B two components。 Component A is colorless or light yellow viscous polyurethane prepolymer, and group B as curing agent and additives mixed dehydration black paste or liquid, according to the requirement is non droop type and self leveling。 Mainly used in bridges, basement, swimming pool, reservoir, dam, tunnel, subway and other projects。 The construction method of polyurethane sealant for building the base: with a wire brush, cleaning base laitance, cotton yarn and other tools such as dust, if there is oil using organic solvent dry scrubbingNet, filling the front surface dry, clean。 Packing liner material: joint cavity filling requirements as lining material to ensure global desert plastic, filling the size meet the design requirements of filling polyurethane sealant for building products: according to the ratio of A:B=1:1。5, mixed evenly, add caulking gun or putty knife from top to bottom, or by before after filling; filling the requirements of full, to prevent the formation of bubbles and holes; filling is completed, in the sealing paste table dry before, with a putty knife scraping plane or cambered surface and the excess sealing material scraping。 Strong durability, quality and low rate of change of rubber sealing structure containingIn the long run, the connection chain of the urine will not cause the loss of the expansion element。 At room temperature, the service life will be more than 100 years。

polyurethane sealant


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