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Inflatable rubber mandrel

Inflatable rubber mandrel

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InflatableRubber Mandrel

Inflatablerubber mandrel, also called inflatable rubber core mold or inflatable rubberformwork, is similar to a marine airbag, but different in usage - that is toform cavities for large reinforced concrete structures including bridge,tunnels, roof, stake, roof board column, beam, building construction,irrigation works and water conservancy projects, etc。 In this way, 20% weightof building structure is reduced than those with solid concrete structures。Meanwhile, inflatable rubber mandrels shorten the pipe foundation, increasespan as well as provide a simpler and safer construction。

Featuresof inflatable rubber mandrels

1.Highstrength to withstand the pressure of concrete when the mandrel is inflated.

2.Qualitysynthetic rubber and natural rubber materials make the mandrel durable, longlasting, flexible and elastic.

3.Savematerials, time and efforts.

4.Softto fold, curly, contract and store.

pk10开奖结果5.Variousshapes including round, oval, rectangular, vaulted, trapezoidal, etc.

6.Greatresistance to aging and bulge.

7。Wideapplicable temperature ranging form 10°C to 90°C。

8.Easyand convenient to operate

Shapesof inflatable rubber mandrels

Inflatablerubber mandrel can be divided into many kinds according to its shape: round,rectangle, octagon, hexagon, trapezoidal and so on。 Round inflatable rubbermandrel and octagonal inflatable rubber mandrel are common used in mostprojects。



Mountedinflatable rubber mandrel before concreting.

Inflatablerubber mandrels form cavities after concreting.


Propertiesof inflatable rubber mandrels



Thickness of rubber and fabric, mm

2.4mm - 15mm

Hardness(Shore A)

65 ± 5

Adhesive tension of rubber andfabric, N/25mm


Tensile strength, MPa


pk10开奖结果Elongation at break, %


300% Stretch set length, MPa


Stretch for deformation ratio

pk10开奖结果≤20 % (Prevent distortion)

Suitable temperature, °C

-10 to 80


No cracks, no bubbles on thesurface, the length of impurities trace is not more than 3mm, the depth isnot more than 1.5mm, and quantity of the trace is not more than one. Thedeformation is not more than 2mm.


Thestructure of inflatable rubber mandrel: the normal types of inflatable rubbermandrel are one fabric two rubber and two fabric three rubber。 What’s more, wecan also produce other types of inflatable rubber mandrel according tocustomers’ requirements。


Inflatablerubber mandrel products have many fittings, such as air value, pressure gauge,glue and tire piece.

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contact us

TEL: +8613132415777
FAX: 86-318-8538660
Email: eric@bojinsc.com
URL: http://www.bojinsc.com
ADD: Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China

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