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a professional manufacturer of rubber product

Hengshui Jianfeng Engineering Rubber co。, LTD。, a professional manufacturer of rubber product, built in the year 1999, Located in the North of China。 Our main products include: Bridge and road construction products as various elastomeric bearings, bridge pot bearings, spherical bearings, bridge flexible equipment; Waterproofing products as rubber waterstops,pvc water stops, Bentonite Waterstop; Seismic isolation as lead rubber bearings, high damping rubber bearings, steel type seismic bearings and bridge expansion jont; inflatable pipe plugs; inflatable rubber dam; inflatable rubber mandrel for culvert concrete formwork; etc。 Its annual production capacity is about 10000 tons。

Products are mainly used in water conservancy, electric power, environmental protection, ore smelting, machinery, municipal, transportation, airports, ports, stadiums, gardening and irrigation infrastructure industry. Our company's operating philosophy is " Work once, Trust all lives ",relying on excellent technology, high quality products and excellent service to get the user's consistent high praise.


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TEL: +8613132415777
FAX: 86-318-8538660
Email: eric@bojinsc.com
URL: pk10开奖结果http://www.bojinsc.com
ADD: Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China

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